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50M email:pass combolist

Other leaks    1 Replies

SuduIsTheWay, 10 hours ago

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1919 Crunchyroll accounts

Other leaks    0 Replies

SuduIsTheWay, 11 hours ago

1919 Crunchyroll accounts for all ma weebs :P 

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where do you store your malware

Malware-development    2 Replies

magikbits, Yesterday, 07:22 AM

where do you make your malware persist and how you make it start again on boot
we should compile list of best ways to do it tbf

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multiplayer game over tor

Coding    3 Replies

magikbits, Yesterday, 07:19 AM

i been thinking and bored with not much to do and i got this amazing niggerlicious idea of a video game that works over tor
the problem is though i dont know what game should be about lmao gimmie ideas

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Messenger submenu in usercp doesn't open without JS

Support & Suggestions    1 Replies

ideca, Yesterday, 03:13 AM

Title, also the text should also be hyperlinked to open it instead of just the image.

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157x accounts from Stealer Logs (Amazon, Disney+......)

Other leaks    21 Replies

skid_raper, Yesterday, 02:53 AM


Soft: Mozilla Firefox
Host: [url=https://tveverywhere.clearleap.com]https://tveverywhere.clearleap.com[/url]
Login: mcarino_mc@yahoo.com
Password: florida9499

Soft: Mozilla Firefox
Host: [url=https://login.live.com]https://login.live.com[/url]
Login: juliantamburro@live.com
Password: janvier11

Soft: Mozilla Firefox
Host: [url=https://accounts.google.com]https://accounts.google.com[/url]
Login: craptivision1
Password: J4nvier11!

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Michael Bazzell - Extreme Privacy: What it takes to disappear

Books    4 Replies

skid_raper, Yesterday, 02:41 AM

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Sektor7 - Malware Development Advanced - Vol.1

Books    0 Replies

skid_raper, Yesterday, 02:37 AM

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Will there ever be a point were classical hacking is nearly impossible?

The lounge    5 Replies

gngnon, 11-27-2023, 07:46 PM

If Microsoft decides one day that it will only allow signed binaries or signed files to run/open (kind of like MacOS now), then the only method for hacking left would be phising.

I don't think there is a universal way to prevent phising like there would be with getting remote access. Remote access would just be done by those with the resources to find zero days or to get physical access (governemnts, etc). But with phising it's much harder to pull off a ransomware attack as backups are unanimous in those systems.

What do you guys think? If OS venders start using the security models of smartphones you can forget about all the classical hacking methods. Phising would be the future.

I guess if yubikey became universal and the government standardizes user logins, then even phising would become nearly impossible.

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Browsing website is blocked

The lounge    2 Replies

Aarruuii1122, 11-27-2023, 05:58 PM

I was browsing information in today's thread, and when I thought about the next page, I was blocked. Why is this? I hope the administrator can see it.

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